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Oldboy Director Takes on Sci-Fi Thriller Second BornOldboy Director Takes on Sci-Fi Thriller Second Born
Park Chan-Wook is directing and developing the body theft thriller Second Born for David Lancaster's Rumble Films.
Oldboy Set Visit: Josh Brolin and Director Spike Lee Reinvent a Classic
Go behind-the-scenes of this bloody action thriller. Revenge is coming, November 27th.
Corsica 72 Gets Director Chan-wook Park
The crime drama is set on the small island of Corsica and centers two best friends that fight for the attention of a woman.
Chan-wook Park Circling The Brigands of Rattleborge
The Oldboy director is in talks to make this violent Western about a sheriff and a doctor seeking vengeance against a group of bandits.
Paranmanjang Trailer and Behind-the-Scenes Video
Park Chan-wook's iPhone movie is a fantastical tale about a man who, while out fishing one afternoon into evening, catches the body of a woman dressed in white.
Chan-wook Park Shoots Paranmanjang on the iPhone 4
This new horror short revolves around a man who believes he's killed a woman while on a fishing trip.
Park Chan-wook to Direct Carey Mulligan in Stoker
About a young woman whose eccentric uncle comes back into her life after the death of her father.