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Clifton Collins Jr. Joins Crime Thriller Triple NineClifton Collins Jr. Joins Crime Thriller Triple Nine
Clifton Collins Jr. has taken an unidentified role in the all-star cast of director John Hillcoat's new drama Triple Nine, which follows a group of corrupt police officers blackmailed by the Russian mob.
Ant-Man Adds Clifton Collins Jr.Ant-Man Adds Clifton Collins Jr.
It isn't known what role the Pacific Rim star has, but he has already signed on. Plus, we have unconfirmed details about the plot.
EXCLUSIVE: Clifton Collins Jr. Talks Hellbenders 3D
The fan favorite takes on the role of a minister living a life of extreme sin in the name of God. Director J.T. Petty's horror-comedy hits theaters October 18th.
EXCLUSIVE: Six Hellbenders 3D Photos Featuring Clancy Brown and Clifton Collins Jr.
Meet the Augustine Interfaith Order of Hellbound Saints. They drag demons back to Hell one suicide at a time.
EXCLUSIVE: Clifton Collins Jr. Talks Transcendence
The actor is currently in production on Wally Pfister's directorial debut, starring Johnny Depp and Rebecca Hall.
EXCLUSIVE: Clifton Collins Jr. Talks Tendo Choi in Pacific Rim
The versatile actor portrays a Chinese-Peruvian member of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps. in this thriller, now playing nationwide.
Clifton Collins Jr. Joins Transcendence
Johnny Depp and Morgan Freeman star in Wall Pfister's directorial debut about a man who uploads his brain into a computer.
Pacific Rim Adds Clifton Collins Jr.
Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim will feature themes from the Japanese Kaiju genre (giant monsters).
Parker Adds Clifton Collins Jr. and Wendell Pierce
Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez star in this crime thriller about a humble thief who lives by a strict code of conduct.
EXCLUSIVE: Clifton Collins Jr. Talks The Event
The actor who plays the nefarious Thomas discusses the NBC drama, the need for such a long hiatus and much more.
Clifton Collins Jr. Joins Hellbenders
Clancy Brown and Dan Fogler also star in this 3D adventure about a group of demon hunters in Brooklyn.
Clifton Collins Jr. Joins NBC's The Event
The Star Trek actor will play a part in the conspiracy of the NBC series.
EXCLUSIVE: Clifton Collins Jr. Talks The Experiment, Southland and More
The actor dishes on his latest projects including his web TV series and a potential directorial debut.
EXCLUSIVE: Clifton Collins Jr. Discusses The Perfect Game
The highly versatile actor talks about his role in the film based off the wonderful true story.