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Star Trek 3 May Center on Klingons Says Writer Damon Lindelof
The screenwriter hints that Benedict Cumberbatch may return, if he survives Star Trek Into Darkness, while Zachary Quinto talks about returning without J.J. Abrams.
Damon Lindelof Responds to Prometheus 2 Rumor That He Sabotaged the Franchise
Insiders say that director Ridley Scott and 20th Century Fox are freaking out about where to take the story for this follow-up.
Prometheus 2 Loses Damon Lindelof; the Writer Explains His Reasons for Leaving
The Prometheus writer says he is 'creatively single-minded', meaning he cannot work on more than one project at a time.
World War Z Gets Damon Lindelof Rewrite for Reshoots
The Prometheus writer is helping director Marc Forster's troubled adaptation of the Max Brooks zombie novel.
Second Prometheus Trailer Debuts March 17th with Ridley Scott Q&A
Writer Damon Lindelof will moderate the 30-minute Q&A session after the trailer, which streams live at 4 PM.
Prometheus to Feature a Robotic Michael Fassbender
Screenwriter/producer Damon Lindelof also reveals that Charlize Theron is playing a 'corporate entity' named Meredith Vickers.
Damon Lindelof Talks Prometheus
The writer behind Ridley Scott's Alien prequel discusses the evolution of the project.
Damon Lindelof Writing 1952 Sci-Fi Project for Disney
The Lost co-creator has signed a seven-figure deal for the project, which may be conceived as a multi-platform endeavor.
Star Trek 2 Gets J.J. Abrams' Full Attention After Super 8 Is Released!
Lost's Damon Lindelof will have a strong hand in writing the story, but J.J. Abrams still won't confirm he is directing.
Alien Prequel Delayed 12 Months
Ridley Scott's upcoming return to the franchise won't happen until 2013.
Alien Prequel Eyeing Natalie Portman?
20th Century Fox executives also reportedly love Damon Lindelof's new PG-13 geared script for Ridley Scott's upcoming project.
Damon Lindelof to Rewrite Alien Prequel
The Lost co-creator will take over the writing duties on Ridley Scott's film.
Lost Cast Joins Jimmy Kimmel Live for 3 Exclusive Alternate Endings
The show will air live from Hawaii immediately following the Lost series finale on May 23rd.
Lost Co-Creator Damon Lindelof Speaks About the Series Finale
Take a look at what the executive producer had to say about the finale.