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True Ghostbusters Sequel May Still Happen Says AykroydTrue Ghostbusters Sequel May Still Happen Says Aykroyd
Dan Aykroyd claims that if the all-female Ghostbusters is a hit, it could pave the way for a true Ghostbusters 3 sequel.
Dan Aykroyd Praises New All-Female Ghostbusters CastDan Aykroyd Praises New All-Female Ghostbusters Cast
Original Ghostbusters creator Dan Aykroyd calls the new cast the most magnificent women in comedy.
Ghostbusters Is Planning a Marvel Style UniverseGhostbusters Is Planning a Marvel Style Universe
Dan Aykroyd revealed the focus of a new Ghostbusters is not just about one more movie, while addressing news of an all-female reboot.
Ghostbusters 3 Begins Production Next Spring Says Dan AykroydGhostbusters 3 Begins Production Next Spring Says Dan Aykroyd
A replacement director for Ivan Reitman still has not been found, but Dan Aykroyd believes that pre-production will start next year.
Miles Teller Offered Dan Aykroyd Role in the John Belushi BiopicMiles Teller Offered Dan Aykroyd Role in the John Belushi Biopic
Dan Aykroyd will serve as a producer on this film starring Emile Hirsch as John Belushi. The story will stay focused on the comedian's early years.
Ghostbusters 3 Will Be Based on Particle Physics Research
Dan Aykroyd says there will always be a spot in the cast open for Bill Murray, should he change his mind and join the sequel.
Dan Aykroyd and Allison Janney Join Tammy
Melissa McCarthy is starring in, and making her directorial debut with, this comedy about a downtrodden woman who goes on a road trip with her obscene grandmother.
Ghostbusters 3 May Lead to Two More Sequels Says Dan Aykroyd
The actor/screenwriter believes they will need to make one or two more before exploring the rumored 'Ghostbusters in Hell' storyline.
Ghostbusters 3 Moves Forward with New Writing Staff
Former writers Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky are out, with Dan Aykroyd hoping to get the script 'perfect' in this latest round of rewrites.
Dan Aykroyd and Chevy Chase Reunite for New Comedy
Dan Aykroyd announced the project on his Facebook page today, although no story details were given.
Bill Murray Will Not Do Ghostbusters 3 Confirms Dan Aykroyd
The long-awaited sequel is on permanent hold, and may never become a reality.
Dan Aykroyd Talks Ghostbusters 3 Bill Murray Rumors
The actor denies that Bill Murray shredded the sequel script, but says they might find another actor to replace Peter Venkman.
Dan Aykroyd Joins Dog Fight
Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis star in Jay Roach's political comedy about two fierce Congressional rivals in South Carolina.
The Blues Brothers Becomes a TV Series
Judy Belushi and SNL writer Anne Beatts have penned a pilot script that finds Elwood searching for his dad in a cross between Route 66 and Glee.
Ghostbusters 3 Shoots This Spring with or Without Bill Murray
Dan Aykroyd is eyeing Criminal Minds actor Matthew Gray Gubler for one of the new Ghostbusters that will take over this franchise.
Patrick Stewart Makes First Comic-Con Appearance with Dorothy of Oz
The Star Trek icon will appear on a panel for this animated project, in which he plays Tugg the Wise Tree.
Dorothy of Oz Poster
Lea Michele, Dan Aykroyd, James Belushi, and Kelsey Grammer lead an all-star voice cast in this animated tale set in the world of Oz.
Ghostbusters 3 Casting Rumors Confirmed by Dan Aykroyd
The creator of the franchise says that Anna Faris and Bill Hader are likely to appear in the sequel.
Dan Aykroyd Is Writing Ghostbusters 3!
The actor reveals that they're scrapping the script by The Office's Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg and starting over from scratch.