Daniel Feuerriegel

Manu Bennett, Nick Tarabay, Craig Parker, and Daniel Feuerriegel Talk ‘Spartacus: Vengeance’

Manu Bennett talks Spartacus: VengeanceSpartacus: Vengeance debuts on Starz Friday, January 27 at 10 PM ET, with Liam McIntyre starring as the new Spartacus in place of the late Andy Whitfield. Manu Bennett (Crixius), Nick Tarabay (Ashur), Craig Parker (Glaber), and Daniel Feuerriegel (Agron) all return to the series, and they recently held a conference call to discuss the new season. Here's what they had to say below.

I'm just so happy to see your character, Ashur returning. And I wanted to know if you could give us a tease on will your paths be crossing Crixus? And how entrenched are you going to become in Lucy Lawless' world? And give us any details you can.

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