Danny McBride


Danny McBride Sets Up ‘Clown’ Remake

The actor will write, produce, and star in this American version of the Danish movie about two men and a young boy who take a vacation.

By Brian Gallagher | 3 years ago

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Fifth ‘30 Minutes or Less’ Poster

Jesse Eisenberg, Danny McBride, Aziz Ansari, and Nick Swardson appear on this new one-sheet for the upcoming comedy.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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SET VISIT: ‘30 Minutes or Less’!

We travel to Grand Rapids, Michigan to visit the set of the latest film from the director of ‘Zombieland’ starring Jessie Eisenberg and Danny McBride.

By B. Alan Orange | 4 years ago

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‘30 Minutes or Less’ Red Band Trailer

Danny McBride, Jesse Eisenberg, and Nick Swardson star in Ruben Fleischer's new comedy about a pizza delivery guy who gets caught up with two low-rent criminals.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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‘Your Highness’ TV Spot

5th Grade Class President Danny McBride joins Academy Award Nominees Natalie Portman and James Franco for this fantasy adventure comedy.

By B. Alan Orange | 4 years ago

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‘Fight for Your Right (Revisited)’ Photo

Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood and Danny McBride portray the Beastie Boys in this new short film from real Beastie Boy director Adam Yauch.

By Brian Gallagher | 5 years ago

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Danny McBride Talks ‘L.A.P.I.’

The popular comedic actor discusses the status of his long rumored noir detective comedy.

By Jami Philbrick | 5 years ago

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