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‘Wonder Woman’ Video Has Diana Prince Battling the Goon Squad!

Even though NBC dumped David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman TV series after a failed test screening, interest in this DC Comics adaptation has only continued to rise as the pilot itself becomes a sought after artifact of what could have been. Bootleg copies of the Wonder Woman pilot will surely be for sale at this year's Comic-Con through one or two shifty vendors. But you might want to check out the first actual clip to hit from the failed series before spending any money on a bootleg. This video offers a good taster spoon of why this version of Wonder Woman may have wound up in the garbage. Wonder Woman looks about as appealing as all those early-80s attempts to bring popular superhero characters to life. To finally see Adrianne Palicki in an extended bit of action, facing off against a goon squad, check out the clip below.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Photos Featuring Adrianne Palicki in Full Costume

Earlier this http://movieweb.com/wonder-woman-gets-dropped-by-nbc/month, NBC decided to nix David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman TV series after a bad test screening of the pilot. That pilot is now starting to make the rounds, and new images have immerged from this failed attempt at resurrecting the popular DC Comics superhero. You can check out these new images below, which feature star Adrianne Palicki in her full Wonder Woman costume, as well as insight from ifanboy.com's Conor Kilpatrick, who got his hands on the pilot and reviewed it at length.

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David E. Kelley Talks ‘Wonder Woman’

David E. Kelley's upcoming TV pilot Wonder Woman is currently in production, with a cast that includes Adrianne Palicki as Diana Prince a.k.a. Wonder Woman, Elizabeth Hurley, and Cary Elwes. The writer-producer recently revealed, though, that he initially turned down the project when it was first offered to him.

If the Wonder Woman pilot is picked up, it will likely premiere this fall on NBC. You can CLICK HERE to read the full interview with David E. Kelley.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Tanit Phoenix Audition Video

After all of the major television networks passed on David E. Kelley's proposed update of Wonder Woman, it was http://movieweb.com/wonder-woman-pilot-picked-up-by-nbc/announced in late January that NBC was moving forward on the pilot. Soon after, the push to find a new Diana Prince was set into play.

Tanit Phoenix, last seen in the direct-to-DVD sequels Lost Boys: The Thirst and Death Race 2, was rumored to be in the lead for this highly coveted role, which the South African's reps confirmed to be true.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Gets Jeffrey Reiner

NBC gave David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot the greenlight late http://movieweb.com/wonder-woman-pilot-picked-up-by-nbc/last month, and it was soon http://movieweb.com/mcg-directing-wonder-woman-pilot/revealed that McG would direct this first episode of the hourlong superhero adventure series.

That deal never came to fruition due to a scheduling conflict. Now it seems that Jeffrey Reiner will actually be taking the reigns of this new Wonder Woman pilot. Prior to getting this gig, Jeffrey Reiner directed episodes of The Event and Trauma for NBC.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Pilot Picked Up by NBC

Two weeks ago, David E. Kelley shopped his proposed Wonder Woman television series to all the major networks, and was quickly met with silence. No one wanted to bring the DC Comics superhero back to life, and the project was shelved. Though this came as a disappointment to fans, Kelley remained optimistic and continued to pursue a network home for this long-gestating take on the crime fighting Amazonian.

NBC, the last network to pass on Wonder Woman, has now given the proposed hour-long action drama a pilot greenlight. This decision came after a regime change was officially in place at the network in the wake of Comcast's take over. NBC is now being overseen by Robert Greenblatt, the man responsible for revitalizing Showtime with series favorites Weeds and Dexter.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Rejected by All Major Networks

David E. Kelley had high hopes for his TV reboot of Wonder Woman, having recently finished the pilot script. But the project is indefinitely postponed, as all of the major networks have passed on the project.

Sources say that Wonder Woman's failure to take flight is a matter of poor timing. Kelley intended to do a contemporary take on the popular DC Comics heroine for Warner Bros. TV. The pilot script was shopped around on Wednesday, with Fox and ABC passing on the series almost immediately. Fox was not considered a good fit for the show's subject matter, and ABC has too strong of a connection with Disney, who recently acquired the rights to Marvel, and have been developing projects for the network such as the new Hulk series. So ABC considered taking on DC's Wonder Woman a conflict of interests.

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‘Wonder Woman’ Returns to TV with David E. Kelley

TV maven David E. Kelley will write and produce a brand new version of Wonder Woman, according to Deadline TV.

Plot details on the new series weren't revealed, and it wasn't clear if Diana Prince would have all of her notable powers and gadgets, such as the Lasso of Truth and her iconic bracelets. David E. Kelley will write and produce the series for Warner Bros. Television and the Warner-based DC Entertainment.

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