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Our Brand Is Crisis Trailer Starring Sandra BullockOur Brand Is Crisis Trailer Starring Sandra Bullock
Sandra Bullock stars as a campaign consultant who helps a Bolivian presidential candidate in the first trailer for Our Brand is Crisis.
Don Johnson and David Gordon Green Reunite for Football Drama ScoreDon Johnson and David Gordon Green Reunite for Football Drama Score
Don Johnson wrote the script for Score, playing an obnoxious college football coach who recruits criminals and other unsavory individuals.
Manglehorn First Look Photo Featuring Al PacinoManglehorn First Look Photo Featuring Al Pacino
The actor plays an ex-con whose mysterious past is uncovered in this upcoming drama from director David Gordon Green.
Al Pacino Takes Manglehorn for Director David Gordon Green
This drama from Worldview Entertainment centers on a man who must come to grips with a crime he committed in the past, which cost him the love of his life.
David Gordon Green to Direct Little House on the Prairie
Abi Morgan will be adapting the classic book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder for this big screen event.
Nicolas Cage and David Gordon Green Team Up for Joe
Gary Hawkins is adapting this Larry Brown novel about an ex-con who becomes an unlikely role model to a dysfunctional teenager.
David Gordon Green to Direct Q Adaptation
Columbia Pictures is eyeing the Evan Mandery novel about a man visited by a future version of himself.
The Sitter Red Band Lullaby TV Spot
Jonah Hill drops a few f-bombs in this profanity-laced look at David Gordon Green's upcoming comedy.
The Sitter International Poster
Jonah Hill proves to be the worst babysitter ever in David Gordon Green's raunchy ode to Adventures in Babysitting.
EXCLUSIVE: Your Highness Cast & Crew Interview Featurette
Danny McBride, James Franco, and Justin Theroux join director David Gordon Green for a rousing look at this comedic fantasy adventure, in theaters this Friday.
Second Your Highness Red Band Trailer
Danny McBride channels Hawk the Slayer in this new fantasy comedy from Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green.
Your Highness TV Spot
5th Grade Class President Danny McBride joins Academy Award Nominees Natalie Portman and James Franco for this fantasy adventure comedy.
Dustin Lance Black and David Gordon Green Set for Barefoot Bandit Film
About the recently-captured infamous 18-year-old outlaw Colton Harris-Moore.
David Gordon Green Set for Free Country and Battling Boy
Writer Josh Parkinson teams up for the thriller and graphic novel adaptation.