Ellie Cornell

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Femme Fatales: Angel & Demons’ Clip

Another all-new episode of Cinemax's hit anthology series Femme Fatales is set to debut this Friday with Angel & Demons, airing at 11pm. This sexy, scary tale finds courageous detectives Wright (Ellie Cornell) and Judson (Kiko Ellsworth) on a desperate search for a serial killer known as the Grim Reaper. After being tipped by strip club owner Leland Ryan (Stephen Macht), they track Charles Solomon (Neil Hopkins), who was seen exiting the club with gorgeous call girl Angelica (Makinna Ridgway). Can they stop the killer before another victim dies? Get a taste of this exciting episode with our exclusive clip below, as well as new photos featuring actors Makinna Ridgway, Neil Hopkins, Kiko Ellsworth, Ellie Cornell, and the show's host Tanit Phoenix.

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