Emily Blunt

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Arthur Newman’ Featurette 'Mina'

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Arthur Newman’ Featurette 'Mina'

This behind-the-scenes sneak peek features interviews with the cast, available digitally now before its September 3rd debut on Blu-ray and DVD.

By B. Alan Orange | 2 years ago

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EXCLUSIVE: Emily Blunt Talks ‘Looper’

EXCLUSIVE: Emily Blunt Talks ‘Looper’

The actress plays the single mother Sara in director Rian Johnson's time-bending thriller, hitting theaters nationwide September 28.

By Brian Gallagher | 3 years ago

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Emily Blunt Joins ‘Looper’

Rian Johnson's sci-fi/time travel project also stars Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

By Brian Gallagher | 5 years ago

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