F. Murray Abraham

‘Scarface’ Invades Los Angeles

Al Pacino and Steven Bauer reunite at the Scarface Blu-ray party in Los Angeles In today's cinematic landscape, the word "remake" is often associated with disdain among critics and ardent movie fans. It's probably safe to say, though, that even the hardcore haters of remakes will praise one remake in particular, the 1982 classic Scarface, a movie that forever changed the landscape of crime and criminals, primarily through Al Pacino's iconic portrayal of Tony Montana. Scarface is finally making its debut on the Blu-ray format on September 6, with a luxurious Limited Edition Gift Set also available on that date, which comes with a handcrafted cigar humidor.

Universal Studios Home Entertainment held a special event at the Belasco Theater in downtown Los Angeles last night to celebrate this high-def release, which featured exquisite gourmet Cuban food, a performance by Ludacris, and lavish setting which Tony Montana would have surely approved of. Despite all these bells and whistles, most in attendance were likely drawn to the event for a Q&A session with actors Al Pacino, Steven Bauer, F. Murray Abraham, Robert Loggia, and producer Martin Bregman. The sizable crowd was whipped into a frenzy when Al Pacino took his center throne seat at the panel, in very high spirits for this reunion.

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