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Glenn Close Talks Nova Prime's Return in Guardians of the Galaxy 2Glenn Close Talks Nova Prime's Return in Guardians of the Galaxy 2
Actress Glenn Close says Guardians of the Galaxy reminds her of Star Wars, and remains optimistic that she'll return for the sequel.
Glenn Close Joins Guardians of the Galaxy
The actress will play the leader of Nova Corps in writer-director James Gunn's Marvel Phase Two superhero ensemble.
Glenn Close and Nick Nolte Join Always on My Mind
Rock of Ages's Chris D'Arienzo will write and direct this musical about an aging rock star dealing with Alzheimer's Disease.
Glenn Close, James Franco, and Brit Marling Take The Grace That Keeps This World
Azazel Jacobs is directing this drama about a family who must confront their differences while preparing for a hunting trip.
Elizabeth Olsen, Glenn Close and Tom Felton Join Therese Raquin
Charlie Stratton is behind this Emile Zola adaptation about a woman who kills her husband with help from her lover.
Albert Nobbs Trailer
Glenn Close stars as a woman who dresses up as a man to survive in 19th Century Ireland.
Hoodwinked Too!: Hood Vs. Evil Poster
This upcoming animated sequel finds Red Riding Hood and The Wolf teaming up to find the missing Hansel and Gretel.
Hoodwinked Too: Hood Vs. Evil Trailer
The Weinstein Company's animated sequel centers on classic fairy tale characters who go searching for the missing Hansel and Gretel.
Albert Nobbs Photo Featuring Glenn Close
The actress portrays a 19th Century Irish woman who disguises herself as a man for more than two decades.