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Jurassic World Star Reveals Story and Character DetailsJurassic World Star Reveals Story and Character Details
Irrfan Khan plays the park owner in Jurassic World, which the actor describes as a 'scary adventure.'
The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Daily Bugle Viral Confirms Dr. Ratha's Death
Was Irrfan Khan killed by The Lizard in this first franchise installment? Find out the details from Marvel's main source of news.
The Amazing Spider-Man Photos Featuring Emma Stone and Irrfan Khan
Take a look at Gwen Stacy and Dr. Ratha, Dr. Curt Connors' lab assistant, in these latest images from Marc Webb's 3D origin story.
The Amazing Spider-Man Photo with Irrfan Khan as Dr. Ratha
We also get a variation on the classic Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy embrace with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone.
Irrfan Khan Talks About Playing Villain in The Amazing Spider-Man
The Slumdog Millionaire actor will play a pivotal role as a villain in the upcoming Marc Webb film.
Spider-Man Will Not Feature Proto-Goblin
Irrfan Khan reveals that he initially didn't want to be a part of 'this violent American fantasy' for director Marc Webb.
Gerard Depardieu and Irrfan Khan Join Life of Pi
Adil Hussain has also joined Ang Lee's tale of a young boy lost at sea in a lifeboat with four exotic animals.
Spider-Man Begins Production Using Red Epic Cameras
Irrfan Khan also offers an update on the Proto-Goblin villain he is portraying in the reboot.
Spider-Man Gets Irrfan Khan as Proto-Goblin Nels Van Atter
Campbell Scott and Julianne Nicholson will play Richard and Mary Parker, Peter's parents.