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Jack Nicholson Retirement Rumor Gets Debunked
A report surfaced earlier today that the 76-year-old silver screen legend is calling it quits due to memory loss issues.
Jack Nicholson and Dustin Hoffman to Present at the 85th Annual Academy Awards
The Oscar-winning actors join the star-studded presenters lineup at this weekend's awards ceremony, hosted by Seth MacFarlane.
Jack Nicholson Circles The Judge as Robert Downey Jr.'s Father
The actor will play a man with Alzheimer's Disease, who is a suspect in his wife's murder.
Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson to Suit Up for The Golden Age?
Matthew Vaughn hopes to follow-up X-Men: First Class with this look at retired superheroes, which may also feature Warren Beatty.
Tom Cruise and Jack Nicholson Reunite for El Presidente?
Cruise has attached himself to the movie as a Secret Service agent, while an offer is out to Nicholson to play an ex-President.
Jack Nicholson to Star in Senior Citizen's Version of The Hangover
It seems the screen legend could be set for a role in the new comedy Last Vegas