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Iron Man 3 Stars Ben Kingsley and James Badge Dale Join To Walk the CloudsIron Man 3 Stars Ben Kingsley and James Badge Dale Join To Walk the Clouds
Joseph Gordon-Levitt is starring as Philippe Petit, who walked a tightrope between the Twin Towers in 1974.
James Badge Dale Circles Legendary's SpectralJames Badge Dale Circles Legendary's Spectral
Nic Mathieu will be directing this supernatural thriller. The project centers a spec-ops team that battles supernatural beings that have overtaken New York City.
EXCLUSIVE: James Badge Dale Talks Coldblood and Spoilers in Iron Man 3
The actor showcases his evil chops as Aldrich Killian's muscle in director Shane Black's sequel, currently playing in theaters everywhere.
Jackie Earle Haley, James Badge Dale, and Colin Hanks Join Parkland
Paul Giamatti and Billy Bob Thornton star in this drama set in Dallas' Parkland Hospital, the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated.
Iron Man 3 Iron Patriot Set Photos!
James Badge Dale will don this red, white, and blue suit of armor as Eric Savin in Shane Black's Marvel sequel.
Iron Man 3 Gets James Badge Dale as Coldblood!
The Grey actor joins Marvel's upcoming sequel as a U.S. Army Colonel turned cyborg after stepping on a landmine.
EXCLUSIVE: The Grey Cast and Crew Interview Featurette
Liam Neeson is joined by co-stars Dermot Mulroney, James Badge Dale, and director Joe Carnahan for a look at this wilderness thriller, in theaters January 27th.
Liam Hemsworth and Aaron Paul Circling A Good Day to Die Hard
James Badge Dale and D.J. Cotrona are also contenders to play the adopted son of Bruce Willis' John McClane in the action sequel.
Melissa Leo and James Badge Dale Join Flight
Melissa Leo will play an FAA investigator while James Badge Dale portrays a dying cancer patient in Robert Zemckis' drama.
The Grey Trailer!
Joe Carnahan directs Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney, and James Badge Dale in this horrifying account of a plane crash in the Alaskan tundra.
Lone Ranger Wants Helena Bonham Carter
Barry Pepper, James Badge Dale, and Dwight Yoakam are also in talks to join the cast of Gore Verbinski's upcoming action tale.
World War Z Recruits James Badge Dale
The Pacific star will appear opposite Brad Pitt in this thriller about a global zombie epidemic.
Carey Mulligan Joins Shame
James Badge Dale has also joined the cast of Steve McQueen's drama about a New York man whose sex life is complicated when his sister moves in.
EXCLUSIVE: James Badge Dale Talks The Pacific
The actor who plays Robert Leckie on the highly-regarded HBO mini-series discusses his experiences on this war drama, Rubicon and more.