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All Superheroes Must Die Poster; Release Date Set for January of 2013
The FP director Jason Trost takes on the superhero genre with this latest release from Image Entertainment.
EXCLUSIVE: Jason Trost Talks The FP
Two rival gangs feud for control of the rural wasteland Frazier Park in this dystopian comedy, in select theaters this weekend starting March 16th.
The FP Character Posters
Jason Trost stars in and co-directs this comedy about two rival gangs fighting over control of Frazier Park.
Watch the First 10 Minutes of the Trost Brothers' The FP
In a dystopian future a relentless turf war rages for the rural wasteland of Frazier Park, in select theaters this March.
The FP Red Band Trailer
This fierce nod to the apocalyptic thrillers and dance dramas of the 80s hits select theaters this March.
Second The FP Poster
Drafthouse Films has released a list of theaters that will be showing this dance comedy starting March 16th.
The FP Trailer
Opposing forces hold a video game dance battle for the pride of their hometown in this strange new comedy from the Trost Brothers.