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Toy Story 4 Director John Lasseter Shares New DetailsToy Story 4 Director John Lasseter Shares New Details
Pixar's John Lasseter reveals why he's coming back to direct Toy Story 4, and why he hired Rashida Jones to write the script.
Is Pixar Making a Star Wars Movie?Is Pixar Making a Star Wars Movie?
No details have been revealed at this time, but it could be anything from a comedy about the Jawa subculture to the Han Solo spin-off.
Toy Story of TERROR! Will Premiere October 16th on ABC
Tom Hanks and Tim Allen return to reprise the voice roles of Woody and Buzz in this Halloween special from Disney Pixar.
Pixar and Marvel's Big Hero 6 Will Be a Loose Adaptation of Original Comic
The animated movie is Pixar's first collaboration with Marvel, and is based on their Japanese Manga style 6 issue mini-series.
No Star Wars Pixar Movie Is Being Planned Reveals John Lasseter
The Disney Pixar chairman doesn't believe Pixar and Lucasfilm will ever collaborate on a Star Wars-themed project.
Disney and Pixar Reveal The Good Dinosaur First Look Photo
A new photo from Frozen is revealed as Pixar chairman John Lasseter announces no hand-drawn animated films planned for the future.
EXCLUSIVE: John Lasseter Talks Brave
Disney and Pixar's Chief Creative Officer offers insight into how Cars 2 paved the way for their latest animated adventure, in theaters next summer.
EXCLUSIVE: Cars 2 Cast & Crew Interview Featurette
Owen Wilson, Larry the Cable Guy, and Emily Mortimer join director John Lasseter for a look at Disney and Pixar's latest adventure.
John Lasseter Talks Cars 2
The director of this animated adventure discusses having his own animated character, the international themes in the sequel, and much more.
Cars 2 John Lasseter Video Interview
The director of this Pixar sequel offers insight into the inspiration behind its story, and who his favorite new character is.
Cars 2 Introduces Character Based on John Lassiter
The producers of the animated sequel surprised the Pixar chief creative officer with a character dubbed "John Lassitire."
Cars Toons Short Heavy Metal Mater Debuts on the Disney Channel
Pixar's John Lasseter and Rob Gibbs direct this tale about Mater becoming the lead singer in a heavy metal band.
John Lasseter to Co-Direct Cars 2
The Cars and Toy Story director to co-direct with Brad Lewis.