Julianna Guill

SET VISIT: On Campus with ‘Glory Daze’

http://movieweb.com/tv/glory-daze/ Hartley Sawyer living out his Glory Daze as Brian Everyone loves the '80s. And who doesn't want to go back to College, right? That's the basic premise TBS is banking on with their new hour-long series, Glory Daze, which premieres November 16th. Not to be confused with the 1996 independent film of the same name starring Ben Affleck and Sam Rockwell, Glory Daze takes place in 1986 Indiana and revolves around a group of freshman college students experiencing their first year at Hayes University. The series stars a mix of young actors and established comedians including Saturday Night Live veteran Tim Meadows. In fact, many of former SNL cast mates are scheduled to make guest appearances this season including Kevin Nealon and Cheri Oteri.

We recently had an opportunity to visit the set of the new series, which films in Pasadena, California on the campus of the former private college, Ambassador College. We had a chance to speak with several members of the cast including Drew Seeley, Hartley Sawyer, Julianna Guill, Chris D'Elia, Tim Jo and Tim Meadows. Upon arrival we were given a tour of the massive campus by members of the cast including Guill, Sawyer and D'Elia. The College, which closed its doors in the early '90s, serves as the set for the series and its gorgeous architecture and sprawling green grass makes for the perfect setting for the colligate themed show. Not only did we have a chance to check out some of the dorm rooms, which came fully equipped with '80s memorabilia like cassette tapes and a Purple Rain poster, but we also took a walk through the frat house set that includes a working swimming pool.

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