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Movies You Haven't Seen with the Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

Movies You Haven't Seen with the Cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory’

The Big Bang Theory is the biggest comedy on television. And as it saturates syndication while continuing to rack up big numbers during its prime time debut of new episodes, more and more fans are becoming addicted to the wacky antics of Leonard and Sheldon, two brilliant but socially awkward physicists living together and working in Pasadena, California, as they juggle their relationships and friendships with Penny, Amy Farrah Fowler, Howard, Raj, Bernadette and Stuart. Before and during their long and successful 7 season run, the entire cast has contributed to some lesser known movies that you may have never seen or even heard about. If you've already watched every single episode of The Big Bang Theory at least twice, and are looking for a Bazinga fix before new episodes return in 2014 (or you're just looking for something weird and somewhat creepy to kill the time), maybe you want to check out these 10 obscure offerings from the cast.

The Big Bang Theory returns soon with new episodes on CBS. It can't be missed in syndication, just turn the TV on, and you'll find it. If you're in need of a little more, one of these movies is sure to do the trick!

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SDCC 2011 EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 5 Cast Interviews!

Everyone's favorite nerdy scientists (and blonde neighbor) are back in San Diego to promote Season 5 of The Big Bang Theory. Cast members Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg, Kunal Nayyar, Mayim Bialik, and Melissa Rauch, hit the floor to talk about their hit comedy. Check them out below.

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Rob Lowe and Kaley Cuoco Joins ‘The Drew Peterson Story’

Rob Lowe and Kaley Cuoco have joined Lifetime's TV movie The Drew Peterson Story.

Rob Lowe will play Drew Peterson, a charismatic, womanizing Chicago police officer that was charged with the death of his third wife after the mysterious disappearance of his fourth wife.

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Third ‘Hop’ Trailer

Universal Pictures has released the third trailer for the upcoming Easter comedy Hop, which leaps into theaters across the country on April 1. Click on the video player below for the latest video glimpse at stars James Marsden, Kaley Cuoco, and an Easter Bunny voiced by Russell Brand.

Hop was released April 1st, 2011.

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Second ‘Hop’ Trailer

The second trailer has been released for the upcoming Easter comedy Hop, which will leap into theaters nationwide on April 1. Click on the video below for the latest glimpse at this holiday adventure starring Russell Brand, James Marsden, and Kaley Cuoco. The first photos from Hop have also debuted, and you can click on any of these new shots to access our gallery.

Blending state of the art animation with live action, Hop is a comedy about E.B. (voiced by Russell Brand), the teenage son of the Easter Bunny. On the eve of taking over the family business, E.B. leaves for Hollywood in pursuit of his dream of becoming a drummer. He encounters Fred (James Marsden), an out-of-work slacker with his own lofty goals, who accidentally hits E.B. with his car. Feigning injury, E.B. manipulates Fred into providing him shelter, and Fred finds himself with the world's worst houseguest.

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EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Big Bang Theory: The Complete Third Season’ DVD Clip

Worlds collide in Season 3! A love affair with Penny has opened a big, wide, wonderful world of romance for Leonard. But Sheldon likes the world just the way it was, thank you. All of which makes for a zany comic triangle with brainy, clueless Sheldon and practical, grounded Penny hilariously vying for the role of hypotenuse. This complete 3-Disc, 23-Episode Season 3 Set also features Raj, Howard, tattoos, football, awkward dates, jail time, Stan Lee, a The Lord of the Rings ring and all the fun of a series that only gets better. The Big Bang Theory "has transformed from a cute comedy about eggheads and their hottie neighbor into an addictive ensemble piece that could be this decade's answer to Friends" (Lynette Rice, Entertainment Weekly).

Big Bang Set Tour with Simon and Kunal - Get an insider's look at TV's hottest comedy, The Big Bang Theory, as Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar take us on a tour of the set.

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SDCC 2010 EXCLUSIVE: ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Season 4 Cast Interviews!

The extremely popular CBS sitcom The Big Bang Theory returned to Comic-Con 2010 to give fans a behind the scenes look at the making of this hilarious show. On hand to discuss all things geek were the shows cast, which included Johnny Galecki, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Simon Helberg and Kunal Nayyar. Watch our exclusive video interviews from Comic-Con below!

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Kaley Cuoco Joins ‘I Hop’

The Big Bang Theory's Kaley Cuoco has signed on for her first studio feature role with the live-action/CG-animated hybrid comedy I Hop, from Illumination Entertainment and Universal.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Tim Hill is directing the tale of an out-of-work slacker (James Marsden) who accidentally injures the son of the Easter Bunny (voiced by Russell Brand) and must take him in as he recovers.

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