Kelli Giddish

Kelli Giddish and Cole Hauser Talk ‘Chase’

Kelli, I'm sure that you realize as entertainment writers we like to sort of compare things with preexisting things. I'm sure you've probably heard you're the female Jack Bauer as some point in the early parts of the season. But it's just a great role. How do you sort of want to see this character developed?

Kelli Giddish: You know, I hadn't heard that comparison, but I think it's got the same - she's got the same kick-butt attitude as some other characters we've seen that are great action stars with different as - the show takes place in Texas and she's a Texas girl and she's also coming from a family that...You know, I mean, her father is a criminal, is an outstanding fugitive. So she's a girl that ended up on the right side of the law, and to see how that happened and why she's so committed to her job, I think is going to be a really interesting journey.

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