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Bioshock Video Game Adaptation May Be Back in DevelopmentBioshock Video Game Adaptation May Be Back in Development
Sony Pictures has registered several web domains such as, which could hint the project is back on track.
Logan's Run Gets Bioshock Video Game Writer Ken Levine
The creator of game franchise becomes the latest to take a crack at the screenplay for Warner Bros.' languishing remake.
Bioshock Movie Called Off Due to Box Office Failure of Watchmen
Irrational Games executive says Universal didn't want to make a $200 million R-rated movie after Watchemen flopped.
BioShock Movie on Indefinite Hold
Creator Ken Levine says there is no burning desire to get a movie based on the hit video game off the ground .
Bioshock Movie on Hold Until Right Pieces Are in Place
Irrational Games executive Ken Levine is 'continually talking to people' about a potential movie based off his popular video game series.
Bioshock Movie Still in the Works
Video game designer Ken Levine reveals the movie is, "being actively worked on."