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Hack/Slash Gets Director Marcus Nispel
The Conan the Barbarian director has come aboard Relativity Media's horror tale about a young woman who hunts down serial killers.
EXCLUSIVE: Conan the Barbarian Cast Interviews!
We catch up with stars Jason Momoa, Rose McGowan, and Rachel Nichols for a look at Marcus Nispel's rousing reboot.
Two Conan the Barbarian TV Spots
Jason Momoa gets bloody intense in this latest look at Marcus Nispel's Robert E. Howard reboot.
Conan the Barbarian Red Band Trailer
Jason Momoa gets extremely brutal in this latest look at Marcus Nispel's reboot of the Cimmerian Warrior.
Backmask Gets Director Marcus Nispel
The Friday the 13th director is set for this new horror tale about teenagers who play an old record backwards and discover satanic messages.
Second Conan the Barbarian Poster
Jason Momoa takes his place atop a mountain of skulls in this new image from Marcus Nispel's upcoming reboot.