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‘Kick-Ass 3’ Is Not Moving Forward at This Time

‘Kick-Ass 3’ Is Not Moving Forward at This Time

If a ‘Kick-Ass’ sequel does happen, it certainly will not include Jim Carrey, after his decision to distance himself from ‘Kick-Ass 2’.

By Brian Gallagher | 9 months ago

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‘Kick Ass 2’ Shoots This Summer

Mark Millar reveals some juicy new details about the production plans of the superhero sequel.

By Harout Harmanian | 3 years ago

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‘Supercrooks’ Comic Prequel Trailer

Mark Millar's latest comic book hits store shelves in 2012, before being adapted for the big screen by director Nacho Vigalondo and Universal Pictures.

By B. Alan Orange | 3 years ago

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No Cyclops in ‘X-Men: First Class’

‘Kick-Ass’ creator Mark Millar sets off another Mutant rumor about Matthew Vaughn's Marvel prequel that is quickly proven false.

By B. Alan Orange | 4 years ago

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Mark Millar Talks ‘Miracle Park’

The director describes his low-budget superhero thriller as ‘Trainspotting’ meets ‘X-Men’.

By Courtney O. | 5 years ago

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