Mark Steven Johnson

‘Autobahn’ Finds Director Mark Steven Johnson Steven Johnson has signed on to direct Inferno Entertainment's action project Autobahn, from writer Greg Russo.

Autobahn tells the story of a washed-up ex-Formula One driver who wakes up trapped inside a BMW on the side of the Autobahn, Germany's famed high-speed roadway, which has no general speed limit. He answers a phone ringing in the glove box, only to be told that he has 90 minutes to deliver the bomb-rigged car to a target or his wife and daughter will be killed.

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Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel Discuss ‘When in Rome’'s Travel Itinerary

Kristen Bell stars in When in Rome as an ambitious young woman who is disillusioned with romance. On a trip to the romantic Italian capital, she scoops a handful of magic coins from a fountain: A fountain of love. The result is that she inexplicably ignites the passion of the various men who threw in the coins. So when a charming and handsome reporter, (Josh Duhamel) also pursues her, how can she be sure his love is genuine? Is he, like the other men, under the influence of a potent spell?

Kristen, how much fun was it being pursued by all these guys?

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