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Will Spider-Man Appear in Venom or Sinister Six?Will Spider-Man Appear in Venom or Sinister Six?
Producer Matthew Tolmach shoots down rumors of a Spider-Man and Avengers crossover while teasing that some of these villains may be redeemed.
The Amazing Spider-Man Japanese Press Conference Video
Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Avi Arad, and Matthew Tolmach gather in Tokyo to discuss 7-minutes of preview footage.
SDCC 2011: Watch The Amazing Spider-man Panel and Interviews from Comic-Con
Check out Andrew Garfield's surprise appearance as Spider-man in Hall H at Comic-Con 2011.
Moonwalking with Einstein Lands at Columbia Pictures
Matt Tolmach will produce this adaptation of Joshua Foer's book about how to improve one's memory.
Frankenstein Gets a Modern Update from Sony
Matt Tolmach will produce a contemporary version of Mary Shelley's classic novel.