Latest 'Mel Gibson' News

EXCLUSIVE: The Beaver Cast Interview Featurette

Anton Yelchin joins director/co-star Jodie Foster for a look at this upcoming Mel Gibson drama, in theaters this Friday.

Ryan J. Downey

The Beaver International Poster

Mel Gibson stars alongside director Jodie Foster in this comedy about a man who finds a new purpose in life with a hand puppet.

Brian Gallagher

Three The Beaver Clips

Jodie Foster makes her directorial debut and stars alongside Mel Gibson in this tale about a man who reinvents himself with a hand puppet.

The Beaver Trailer!

Mel Gibson gets cozy with a hand puppet in this new drama from Jodie Foster.

B. Alan Orange

The Beaver Photo Featuring Mel Gibson and Jodie Foster

Director Jodie Foster gets a spring 2011 release date for her drama, with a trailer coming on Friday.

B. Alan Orange

Liam Neeson Replaces Mel Gibson in The Hangover 2

Neeson will play a Bangkok tattoo artist at the request of A-Team co-star Bradley Cooper after Gibson was banned from the set.

Brian Gallagher

Mel Gibson Joins The Hangover 2

The troubled actor will cameo as a Bangkok tattoo artist in Todd Phillip's upcoming comedy sequel.

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Mad Men Offers Mel Gibson a Comeback Role!

The embattled actor has met with series creator Matthew Weiner about a potential guest-starring arc in Season 5.

Brian Gallagher

Could Lethal Weapon 5 Reboot Mel Gibson's Career?

The actor is rumored to be meeting with Joel Silver about reprising his role as Martin Riggs.

B. Alan Orange