Michael Clarke Duncan

Michael Clarke Duncan News
Michael Clarke Duncan Passes Away at Age 54
The Oscar-nominated actor was receiving treatment in a Los Angeles hospital for a heart attack he suffered in July.
First Green Lantern Clip!
The new clip features Ryan Reynolds meeting Kilowog, the drill sergeant of the Green Lantern Corps, played by Michael Clarke Duncan.
Fourth Green Lantern Banner
The entire Green Lantern Corps are wielding their rings in this latest banner for the DC Comics superhero saga.
Green Lantern in Brightest Day Poster
Hal Jordan, Kilowag, Sinestro, and Tomar-Re pledge themselves to protect the galaxy in Martin Campbell's upcoming superhero adventure.
Green Lantern Banners Featuring Sinestro and Kilowog
Martin Campbell directs this superhero adventure which features Ryan Reynolds as the title character and Mark Strong as the villainous Sinestro.
Green Lantern Confirms Michael Clarke Duncan as Kilowog
The gentle giant actor will voice this gentle giant CGI creation in Martin Campbell's summer superhero adventure.
Green Lantern Gets Geoffrey Rush as Voice of Tomar-Re
Michael Clarke Duncan is being eyed as the voice of Kilowag, but Warner Bros. hasn't confirmed the actor for the role at this time.