Michael Weatherly

EXCLUSIVE: Jesse V. Johnson Talks ‘The Hitman Diaries: Charlie Valentine’

An accomplished Stunt coordinator and technical advisor, Jesse V. Johnson has worked on some of the biggest action sequences ever rendered for film, including those seen in Total Recall, Charlie's Angels, and Terminator 3: Rise Of The Machines. And he continues to do so with the highly anticipated Thor, The Green Hornet, and The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn all on the horizon. Instead of taking a well-earned vacation during his downtime, the man is known for jumping into the director's chair, where he is quickly earning a name for himself with his gritty, realistic crime dramas.

It was announced last week that Johnson would soon be taking on the 3D action-thriller Bratva, a high-octane crime drama featuring martial artist Dominique Vandenberg as a man forced to go head-to-head with a gang of assassins. Previous to this, Johnson and Vandenberg worked together in the cult heavy-hitter Pit Fighter, as well as the critically acclaimed sequel Green Street Hooligans 2 and The Butcher. Their most recent collaboration was The Hitman Diaries: Charlie Valentine, which recently hit DVD shelves nationwide.

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