Noureen DeWulf

‘They Came Together’ Adds Noureen DeWulf

Actress Noureen DeWulf, who will next be seen as a series regular on Charlie Sheen's FX comedy series Anger Management, has joined the cast of David Wain's They Came Together.

The story centers on the love-hate relationship that forms between Molly (Amy Poehler), a small business owner, and Joel (Paul Rudd), the corporate businessman who wants to tear down her shop.

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Noureen DeWulf Joins ‘Hail Mary’ Pilot DeWulf has joined the CBS drama pilot Hail Mary.

Stephen Tobolowsky plays a private detective who befriends Mary while investigating the death of son and then helps her get her P.I. license.

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EXCLUSIVE: Noureen DeWulf Takes Us Through ‘The Back-Up Plan’ Noureen DeWulf has a Back-Up Plan Moviegoers will remember the lovely Noureen DeWulf in last year's outrageous (and sadly underrated) comedy The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard, where she played the love interest for Ving Rhames's character Jibby. The actress is back on the silver screen this weekend with a role in the new film The Back-Up Plan, which arrives in theaters tomorrow, April 23, and stars Jennifer Lopez and Alex O'Loughlin. I had the chance to speak with this talented young actress over the phone recently and here's what she had to say.

I was curious how you first heard about this project or came across the script? How did that whole process start?

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