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16 The Man with the Iron Fists Posters
RZA's directorial debut stars Lucy Liu, Russell Crowe, Jamie Chung and Dave Bautista in a Kung Fu fight to the death.
The Man with the Iron Fists Red Band Trailer
The Wu-Tang's RZA makes his directorial debut with this brutal kung-fu action thriller starring Russell Crowe and Pam Grier.
EXCLUSIVE: Pam Grier Talks The Man with the Iron Fist
The actress discusses playing RZA's mother in the martial arts action tale, and about the adaptation of her own memoir.
EXCLUSIVE: Pam Grier Talks Jackie Brown Blu-ray
The actress discusses the differences between her title character in Quentin Tarantino's adaptation and Elmore Leonard's book, her role in The Man With the Iron Fist, and much more.
Pam Grier Takes Skinny Dip
Michael Madsen and Brigitte Nielsen also join Frankie Latina's comic exploitation thriller about a revenge-filled woman.