Philip K. Dick

EXCLUSIVE: Isa Dick Hackett Talks ‘The Adjustment Bureau’

Author Philip K. Dick is a name synonymous with greatness in the sci-fi genre, not only for his extensive catalog of novels and short stories, but also for the film adaptations of his work. Although there have been 11 movie adaptations of his novels and short stories - including Blade Runner, Total Recall, and one of my personal favorites (not only of his work, but in the sci-fi genre as a whole), Minority Report - the author published 44 novels and 121 short stories in 30 years as a published writer.

Philip K. Dick passed away in 1982, shortly before the first film adaptation based on one of his novels, Blade Runner, was released in theaters. Shortly after his death, his daughter Isa Dick Hackett and her siblings were put in control of his father's works, and now she runs the company Electric Shepherd, which oversees all of the Philip K. Dick adaptations. The latest of these adaptations is the fantastic sci-fi thriller The Adjustment Bureau, which was released on Blu-ray and DVD on June 21. I recently had the opportunity to speak with Isa Dick Hackett, who executive produced The Adjustment Bureau, about the movie, the legacy of her father's work, future adaptations, and much more. Here's what she had to say below.

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‘Total Recall’ Remake Gets Colin Farrell as Douglas Quaid!

Producer Neal H. Moritz talked with Collider about the upcoming Total Recall remake and confirmed Colin Farrell will star as the main character, Douglas Quaid, and offered some plot details including a more updated film start date of May 15 in Toronto.

Total Recall was released August 3rd, 2012.

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Ridley Scott Producing ‘The Man in the High Castle’ Mini-Series

Filmmaker Ridley Scott is returning to the world of Philip K. Dick, producing a new mini-series based on his novel The Man in the High Castle, according to Deadline London.

Ridley Scott will produce the four-hour mini-series for the BBC, with Howard Brenton adapting Philip K. Dick's novel for the small screen. The Hugo Award-winning The Man in the High Castle is set in an alternate world where Nazi Germany and Japan's Axis powers actually defeated the American Allied forces in World War II.

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