‘Parks and Recreation’ Cast and Crew Discuss Finale and Season Three Amy Poehler as Leslie One of the most popular new sitcoms of the last few years, NBC's Parks and Recreation, will come to the end of their second season tonight with a cliffhanger that will keep fans talking all summer long. The series was recently picked up for a third season, which they have already begun shooting but unfortunately due to programming will not begin airing until 2011. The cast, including star Amy Poehler (Leslie), Rashida Jones (Ann), Aziz Ansari (Tom), Nick Offerman (Ron), Aubrey Plaza (April), Chris Pratt (Andy), Jim O'Heir (Jerry), Retta Sirleaf (Donna), and guest stars Adam Scott (Ben) and Rob Lowe, joined series creators Michael Schur, Greg Daniels and editor Dean Holland at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theater in North Hollywood last night to premiere tonight's season finale and talk a bit about the future of the show. On hand to moderate the event was Saturday Night Live cast member and Amy Poehler's former partner on Weekend Update, Seth Meyers.

After a brief introduction by Schur the audience was treated to the season finale of the show. Fans of the series know that as of last week the government of the fictional town of Pawnee had been shut down thanks to budget cuts, leaving the jobs of many of our main characters in jeopardy. While we can't give away too many details about tonight's finale we can say that it revolves around the cancellation of a children's concert in the park. When Leslie finds out that the budget cuts have forced the cancellation of children's musician Freddy Spaghetti, for which the episode was named, she decides to take matters in to her own hands and rallies her former colleagues to save the day. At the same time, romance and heartache build for several of our main characters including April, Andy, Ann, Tom and Ron. Fans of the series are sure to not want to miss the closing credits as it introduces an interesting cliffhanger that will carry on into the show's third season.

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