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Ridley Scott and Steven Zaillian Team Up for The Day Britain Stopped

The project is inspired by a 2003 BBC faux documentary about a fictional disaster that halts England's transportation system.

Brian Gallagher

Blade Runner 2 to Feature a Female Protagonist Says Ridley Scott

The director has officially started taking meetings on this upcoming sequel to be written by original Blade Runner scribe Hampton Fancher.

B. Alan Orange

Blade Runner Sequel Gets Original Screenwriter Hampton Fancher

This follow-up to the 1982 sci-fi classic will take place some years after the first film, and will be directed by Ridley Scott.

B. Alan Orange

Prometheus Concept Art Photos

Ridley Scott offers new insight into one of the monsters in this upcoming sci-fi adventure, along with three new movie photos.

B. Alan Orange

Prometheus Aims for an R Rating Promises Ridley Scott

The director also discusses his desire to revisit the space jockey from Alien in his return to the sci-fi genre.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus IMAX Trailer Gives First Full Look at Space Jockey!

This shorter version of the upcoming full-length trailer for Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic offers new footage and a hint of what's to come.

B. Alan Orange

Second Prometheus Trailer Debuts March 17th with Ridley Scott Q&A

Writer Damon Lindelof will moderate the 30-minute Q&A session after the trailer, which streams live at 4 PM.

Brian Gallagher

Fuji Television and Ridley Scott Unite for Japan in a Day

The project is in memory of the disaster in Japan which cost billions in damage and thousands of lives.

Harout Harmanian

Ridley Scott Open to Harrison Ford Blade Runner Reunion

The director is meeting with writers to hash out the story, and will bring in Rick Deckard if it makes sense.

B. Alan Orange

Harrison Ford in Talks for Blade Runner Follow-Up

Talks are reportedly in the early stages, though producer Andrew Kosove has claimed Rick Deckard wouldn't be involved in the story.

B. Alan Orange

Ridley Scott Directing The Counselor?

The director is in talks to helm the Cormac McCarthy-scripted drama.

Brian B.

Prometheus Based on Story Ideas from Sigourney Weaver

The actress fully endorses the project; saying she is excited to see Ridley Scott return to the world of Alien.

B. Alan Orange

Prometheus Story Spoilers Revealed by Actress Kate Dickie

She plays Mudow, who is responsible for waking her crew from their cryogenic sleep in this Ridley Scott directed summer thriller.

B. Alan Orange

Prometheus Model Photos Tease Alien Connection

These "monster mask" photos reveal an intriguing connection to Ridley Scott's 1979 classic.

Brian Gallagher

Blade Runner Screenwriter to Be Announced Soon

Producer Andrew Kosove also reveals that they are targeting a director for the Point Break remake, but won't reveal who it is just yet.

B. Alan Orange

Prometheus Trailer!

Ridley Scott returns to the sci-fi genre with this outer space tale starring Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, and Charlize Theron.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus Trailer Photo Reveals the Space Jockey

The mysterious humanoid from Ridley Scott's original Alien makes a cameo in this first look at the upcoming prequel.

B. Alan Orange

Prometheus Trailer Sneak Peek

The first footage from Ridley Scott's sci-fi epic is revealed in this lead-up to the trailer launch on Thursday, December 22nd.

B. Alan Orange

Ridley Scott Talks Prometheus and the Space Jockey

The director also clarifies this sci-fi tale's 'link' to the original Alien movies and reveals that the xenomorph monster will not be featured.

Brian Gallagher

Prometheus EW Photos Reveal the Makers

The impressive production design behind Ridley Scott's upcoming sci-fi epic is shown off in these new images featuring the entire cast.

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