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‘Everly’ Trailer Starring Salma Hayek

‘Everly’ Trailer Starring Salma Hayek

Salma Hayek stars as a woman who must defend herself against a slew of assassins hired to kill her in the first trailer for ‘Everly’.

By Brian Gallagher | 6 months ago

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Second ‘Puss in Boots’ Clip

Salma Hayek's Kitty Softpaws antagonizes Antonio Banderas' title character in this scene from the DreamWorks Animation spin-off.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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Second ‘Puss in Boots’ Trailer

Antonio Banderas voices his popular ‘Shrek’ character in this new DreamWorks Animation spin-off adventure.

By Brian Gallagher | 4 years ago

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‘Wicked’ Miniseries Get Salma Hayek

Headed for ABC, the eight-hour television miniseries to be based on the ‘Wicked’ book that inspired the popular Broadway musical.

By Courtney O. | 4 years ago

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