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Tom Hardy Doesn't Know When Splinter Cell Will Begin ShootingTom Hardy Doesn't Know When Splinter Cell Will Begin Shooting
The video game adaptation was set to begin principle photography this August, but that might not happen due to rewrites.
Everest Writer Sheldon Turner Takes on Splinter CellEverest Writer Sheldon Turner Takes on Splinter Cell
Eric Singer wrote the original draft for this video game adaptation which has Tom Hardy attached to star and Doug Liman set to direct.
Sheldon Turner Adapting Richard Clarke's Scorpion's Gate
Sony Pictures' action-thriller is set in a fallen Saudi Arabia, where a hostile regime is on the verge of acquiring nuclear weapons.
ABC Picks Up Jekyll & Hyde
Sheldon Turner created this new series about a doctor with a split personality, based on the classic horror tale.
X-Men: First Class Resolves Screenplay Dispute
Two many cooks in the kitchen left the WGA scratching their heads over who should receive credit on the upcoming Marvel Mutant prequel.
Sheldon Turner's By Virtue Fall in Development
Eric Bana, James Spader, Ryan Phillippe and Carla Gugino attached to star.
Michael Mann Lands Big Tuna
Sheldon Turner will write this biopic of Chicago mafia boss Tony Accardo and his protege/replacement Sam Giancana.