Tripp Vinson

‘Red Dawn’ Enemy Changes Addressed by Producer Tripp Vinson

The Los Angeles Times ran a earlier in the week which revealed that the long-shelved MGM remake/reboot Red Dawn was being digitally altered to change the invading enemy force from Chinese to North Korean. Of course, a lot of fans and film pundits balked, calling this a "chicken shit" move. The altering of the adventure film, which sees a group of teens defending themselves against a militant takeover, is being done to make the movie more appealing to potential distributors, and to not disrupt our country's current alliance with the Chinese governemnet.

The digital altering of Red Dawn is ripe for discussion and debate. Today, Red Dawn producer Tripp Vinson has issued a statement via email addressing this very concern, saying that the decision to make the villains hail from North Korea is only going to make the thriller scarier and timelier. And perhaps even stronger.

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