Vincent Kartheiser

‘Mad Men’ Season 5 Photos with Jon Hamm and John Slattery

Fans of the Emmy-winning AMC series Mad Men have an unusually long wait before Season 5 debuts on March 16, 2012. However, if you find yourself in need of a Don Draper fix, you're in luck because the first photos from the Season 5 set have been released. Click on the photos below, which feature stars Jon Hamm, John Slattery, and Vincent Kartheiser, to access our new Season 5 gallery for Mad Men.

We reported back in May that the Season 5 Premiere of Mad Men will be directed by none other than Jon Hamm.

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Olivia Wilde Is Justin Timberlake's Mom in Untitled Andrew Niccol Thriller

Olivia Wilde has joined the cast of Andrew Niccol's currently untitled sci-fi thriller for 20th Century Fox. According to The Warp, she will play Justin Timberlake's mother. The two actors previously worked together in the crime drama Alpha Dog.

How could Olivia Wilde possibly play the not-much-younger Justin Timberlake's mother? Because this story takes place in a future America, where a technological breakthrough has made it possible for humans to stop aging. Adults are able to stay young as long as they can pay the hefty price tag that comes along with immortality.

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Vincent Kartheiser Joins Untitled Justin Timberlake Thriller Men's Vincent Kartheiser has boarded writer/director Andrew Niccol's untitled Justin Timberlake-Amanda Seyfried thriller, previously known as I'm.mortal, about a society where no one ages beyond 25, except for those rich enough to buy time.

According to Variety, Cillian Murphy also stars in film. Vincent Kartheiser plays the father of Amanda Seyfried's character, who is forced to choose between the daughter he loves and the oppressive time system that has made him rich.

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