Warren Beatty

Felicity Jones Joins the ‘Untitled Howard Hughes Biopic’

Actor/writer/director Warren Beatty has chosen Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) as the female lead in his Untitled Howard Hughes Biopic.

Warren Beatty, who will direct from his own screenplay, portrays Howard Hughes. Felicity Jones is playing a woman who develops a relationship with Howard Hughes' driver and close friend, before eventually falling for Howard Hughes himself.

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Warren Beatty to Direct Untitled Comedy

The movie is expected to go into production later this year.

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‘Dick Tracy’ Sequel in the Works

Warren Beatty declined to provide any plot details, casting possibilities, or a timeline when we might see a Dick Tracy sequel go into production. He also said a new remastered Blu-ray of Dick Tracy is in motion, although he wouldn't say when that would hit the shelves.

We reported last month that Warren Beatty prevailed in his lawsuit against Tribune Co. over the movie rights. Warren Beatty, who starred as the title character and directed Dick Tracy, acquired the rights to the comic strip from Tribune in 1985. The contract stated that movie rights would revert back to Tribune Co. if he wasn't using them for a movie or TV project.

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Warren Beatty Wins ‘Dick Tracy’ Lawsuit

Actor Warren Beatty prevailed in his ongoing legal battle with Tribune Co. over the movie rights to the Dick Tracy comic strip.

Warren Beatty obtained the rights to Dick Tracy in 1985 from Tribune Co., which he used to star in, direct and produce the 1990 Dick Tracy movie. There is a clause in Warren Beatty's agreement with Tribune that the rights would revert back to Tribune if he wasn't using them for a movie or TV project.

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Clint Eastwood and Jack Nicholson to Suit Up for ‘The Golden Age’?

X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn is hoping to stay in the superhero realm for his next project titled The Golden Age, which he is currently shopping around to various studios. A major Hollywood studio is reportedly interested in the project at this time, though no deals have been made yet.

While the title also refers to the early comic books of the 1930s, The Golden Age will revolve around a retirement facility for superheroes past their prime. The project is based on a book by British TV personality Jonathan Ross, which hasn't been published yet. The story follows a group of retired heroes who try to help their grandchildren after their parents have turned the world into chaos.

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