Pierre Morel Takes Over Directing Duties on ‘Dune’

The ‘Taken’ director will replace Peter Berg at the helm of this remake.
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Pierre Morel Takes Over Directing Duties on ‘Dune’

The remake of a 1984 sci-fi classic has found itself a new director after the original director left the project. Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Taken director Pierre Morel has come aboard to direct the Dune remake.

Director Peter Berg left the film in October and now Paramount is currently seeking a new writer to incorporate Morel's new vision into the script. Josh Zetumer wrote the original draft of the film.

It was said that Morel planned to stay very faithful to Frank Herbert's 1955 novel and it was also said that the project is a high priority for the studio, so one would expect more announcements about this new film to be coming in the near future.

Dune was released in 2014.

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  • the-kwisatz-haderach • 5 years ago

    Man, I was hoping Peter Berg would do this but still i look forward to a modern version of Dune. A great storyline that could spark a sweet series if done right. the orginal film was cool, but it skipped too much and the plot was thin as hell. the sci-fi TV series was awesome but still lacked a few elements. To do this right you need to make Dune into two films. the 3 parts of the book are needed for the character arc and the plot to play out right

    I am the Kwisatz Haderach!


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