Popular Movies 2018


    • Superhero

    Harbinger was created by former Marvel editor-in-chief Jim Shooter and artist David Lapham, also in 1992. The story centers on Peter Stanchek, a psionically-charged “harbinger” with the potential to reshape the course of human history. Respected philanthropist and fellow harbinger Toyo Harada recruits him into the Harbinger Foundation where he begins a long road towards a destiny that will shake the very foundations of the Valiant Universe.

    High Life

      • Adventure

      A group of criminals agree to go on a suicide mission into space in the hope of finding alternate energy sources, and to take part in experiments in human reproduction.

      Hotel Transylvania 3

        • Animation

        The continuation of the popular animated franchise.

        I, Tonya

          • Biography

          Follows an ice princess who emerged from a poor upbringing and rough childhood in Portland, OR to rise to the top of the sport of figure skating with a ferocious determination and athleticism that allowed her to become the first American woman to complete the triple axel in major competitions. That propelled her to victory in the 1991 U.S. Figure Skating Championships and second in the World Championships.

          She was expected to battle Nancy Kerrigan for gold in the 1994 Olympic Games in Lillehammer. Of course, Harding is mostly known for the infamy that occurred when her husband, Jeff Gillooly, and a couple of hired thugs tried to incapacitate Kerrigan by breaking her leg. They merely bruised Kerrigan, got caught, and Gillooly turned against his wife as he tried to stay out of jail.

          Imagine Agents

            • Adventure

            The story tackles the idea that the imaginary friends of children are actually very real and centers on an organization titled I.M.A.G.I.N.E., which handles things when these figments get out of control.

            Impossible Odds

              • Drama

              An American humanitarian aid worker is kidnapped by Somalia land pirates. She fights to stay alive while her husband works with the FBI to keep the pirates negotiating. Near death, she is finally rescued by Seal Team Six.

              Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo

              Inmate #1: The Rise of Danny Trejo

                • Documentary

                From an early life of drugs, armed robbery and hard prison time, to the red carpets of Hollywood blockbusters all the way to helping troubled addicts; Trejo gives a firsthand account of one of the greatest transformations of human character ever put to film.

                Invader Zim

                  • Animation

                  The Invader Zim TV movie follows the perpetually desperate and delusional Zim as he creates a new and potentially Earth-destroying plan to finally get the attention he deserves from his Irken leaders, the Almighty Tallest.

                  Jay & Silent Bob Reboot

                    • Comedy

                    The next chapter in the Jay and Silent Bob saga.


                      • Drama

                      The only living descendant of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde makes a deal with the dark side.