‘Prometheus’ Based on Story Ideas from Sigourney Weaver

The actress fully endorses the project; saying she is excited to see Ridley Scott return to the world of ‘Alien’.
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‘Prometheus’ Based on Story Ideas from Sigourney Weaver

Sigourney Weaver talks Prometheus As originally intended, Prometheus is shaping up to be a proper prequel to 1979's Alien, offering a backstory on the infamous Space Jockey that is seen in that original film's first opening moments. It's no secret that Noomi Rapace is playing a character in the same vein as Sigourney Weaver's iconic Ripley. Both characters share the same DNA. They are tough, pro-feminist ass kickers who save the day. The heroines of this universe.

So far, we haven't heard anything from Sigourney Weaver on the prospects of Noomi Rapace taking over this archetype in the franchise. Early this week, the genre legend, who has also starred in fan favorites like Ghostbusters and Avatar, spoke out on Prometheus, saying that she is anxious to see it, knowing that Ridley Scott is on board as a director. She even claims that the screenplay is based on her idea.

Here is what she had to say.

"Fox and I disagreed on how the franchise should continue. But I'm glad it's Ridley Scott doing it, and I'll be as curious as anyone, or maybe more curious, to see it. I think he took my suggestion. Fox wanted to go to earth and I said: 'That's so boring. Who wants to see aliens on earth?' I said 'go back to the planet'."

Sigourney Weaver has no hard feelings about being replaced in this age-old franchise, though.

"That's show-business. I don't take it personally."

The actress, who has starred in five sci fi movies to date, her sixth being Avatar 2, went into talking about the pro-feminist aspects of Alien and Prometheus.

"I don't think the producers were feminists. In the original script, they were all men. I think they thought, 'let's change it up and make the survivor a woman because no one will ever think the survivor will be a woman'. I think it was taking the pulse of society at that moment; we were another expression of how our world was changing. Women were agitating to be in the army, to work in warehouses and as truck drivers."

About working with Ridley Scott on the original, she had this to say.

"We worked very hard together, and I certainly credit him in making Ripley an everyman character, not just a damsel in distress, but a character who is not giving up. James Cameron was also a breath of fresh air. He is a champion of strong women who never thinks in terms of gender characteristics."

And speaking of James Cameron, this is all that Sigourney Weaver had to offer on Avatar 2.

"I'm excited to go back to Avatar. I know the story that James Cameron wants to tell is so much bigger."

To read a whole lot more about Sigourney Weaver's Sci Fi career: CLICK HERE

Prometheus was released June 8th, 2012.

Alien was released May 25th, 1979.

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  • Nicholas-Cobraetti • 3 years ago

    "Ridley Scott was right when he said the Alien is too commercial now, especially after the awful AVP movies."

    Bwa-ha-haaa! Ridley Scott didn't bother to come up with an ending to Prometheus specifically to lead to 2 or 3 more films. THAT is commercialism without artistic integrity.


    • 2movieguys • 4 years ago

      Love Sigourney Weaver! Nice is she would make a cameo!


      • titanictom • 4 years ago

        Of corse some directors want to return to the genre that made them who they are Why should Scott be any diffrent...As for Weaver well even if she isn't returning to the role that made her a household name She is looking at the new film from a fan point of veiw which is a good Idea.....It has been more than 15 years since the last {main} Alien film and maybe she has some good ideas on revamping/renewing the Franchise.......Lets wait and see!!!


        • mr-jellyfish • 4 years ago

          Can't wait for this film! Ridley Scott was right when he said the Alien is too commercial now, especially after the awful AVP movies. The Alien is just not scary anymore, it's too much of a recognised character, an icon. It had a good run but now it should be laid to rest, the AVP films essentially castrated it anyway. I'm excited for something new!


          • andrew-thompson • 4 years ago

            She just wants the attention again "oooo...look their makeing another movie based off the alien movie i was in...better stick my head out and let people know iam still alive..." f*ck off sigourney the movie does not have to have anything to do with you to be good...


            • gandoff • 4 years ago

              First off, I enjoyed AVP and AVP Requiem. I would have loved a AVP in space, which is what the directors of AVP-R wanted to do. They said they wanted to take it to space, with the Marines also. Like the games have been. I don't think Aliens would have worked on earth with out Predator as a addition to the story. So I think they was not boring as Weaver said they be.

              @Craig-Forsdike The Space Jokey is a unknown character. We can not for see if the how it will play out. AVP wrote the Aliens as creatures for a specific purpose. To be hunted for their savage ways. But many novels have them as Bee or Ant like in their ways. But with a very limited way of sustaining life with out hosts, or enough food. Yet those novels speak little on the Aliens ability to not just attack attack attack as all Aliens and AVP movies showed them. So this film could build to in the idea of what the Aliens was before the the landing with Ripley. I agree, time to move past Ripley the character. But Aliens is about those creatures. It would be like Jaws with out a Great White Shark. Yes, aliens should be in it in some way since this is a prequel. Might not have to be the prime killer. But by the time the movie hits 15 mins or so left, they need to have a major connection to the Aliens in the movie. I think there will be, since there are pics of the cast in the open bay where the eggs of the Face Suckers are. A prequel dose not need Aliens through the entire film. But needs them some time.


              • Craig-Forsdike • 4 years ago

                @justagamer It's a prequel, why should the original alien from the first movie be in it to give it a point? That specific alien wasn't in the second movie, was that pointless too? lol. It's about time the story went beyond the alien, beyond Ripley even if it means going before them. Personally, I can't wait.


                • justagamer • 4 years ago

                  Well without the alien from the first movie i don't see any point in seeing this...sorry Now dark knight rises will put this one in the ground ...


                  • instead8909 • 4 years ago

                    really nice


                    • the-movieghost • 4 years ago

                      Very cool! Looking forward to Prometheus all the more now!


                      • space101 • 4 years ago

                        Awesome! This is gonna rock the place for sure!


                        • bawnian-dexeus • 4 years ago

                          Well, thats and idea ;P. Still a kick ass actress. She needs better work than Abduction.


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