‘Resident Evil: Extinction’ and ‘30 Days of Night’ Red-Band Trailers!

You have to be over 18 years or older to see the videos.
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Sources: Sony Pictures

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  • spaz • 8 years ago

    It seemed to work fine for me..

    I wasn't surprised with the zombies and the dogs, but the crows? And is that a Tyrant I spy with my little eye?


    • michael5 • 8 years ago

      So Freakin' RAD.


      • the-kwisatz-haderach • 8 years ago

        Im 25 love Zombies geuss that makes me a dork...oh wait I forgot I am a dork, artist, nerd zombie lovin freak!


        • olio8o • 8 years ago

          me too, stoopid website


          • booberry • 8 years ago

            The resident evil one didn't work for me, 23 years old for god sakes.


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