‘Riddick’ Director's Meeting with Vin Diesel and Director David Twohy

Vin Diesel posts a new video update to his Facebook page about the upcoming sequel.
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‘Riddick’ Director's Meeting with Vin Diesel and Director David Twohy

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  • remy72883 • 4 years ago

    man im looking forward to this


    • k-man • 4 years ago

      Glad to hear they are going as far as to take a budget cut just to keep the R-rating!!! Good for them! Thats what I call integrity, people!

      This is going to be an intense film, I'll be there. Hope they manage to get at least a decent budget for it!

      Just one more film to look forward to in 2012! Awesome!


      • err2005 • 4 years ago

        i'd watch another riddick movie, the last couple were entertaining enough.


        • fatguy1986 • 4 years ago

          Very excited about this film, at least he is very passionate about making this movie, you cant say that about very many actors these days!!


          • bud2fresh • 4 years ago

            Can't wait for the trailer!


            • instead8909 • 4 years ago

              I'm so looking forward to this film


              • bruce-ha • 4 years ago

                More Pitch Black than Chronicles of Riddick in terms of hardcore action and gore. Sounds good. But in terms of scale, i thought Chronicles of Riddick was great. I hope they stick to that.

                Make it bigger and perhaps more space explorations (more planets etc.).


                • iamfratson • 4 years ago

                  glad to hear things are moving forward. any news on riddick is good news.


                  • mosorwvlad • 4 years ago

                    @pjwolsker That's why is going to be good.


                    • pjwolsker • 4 years ago

                      these movies take forever to make...


                      • c-a-r-t-m-a-n • 4 years ago

                        bring it on,.


                        • b3njamin • 4 years ago

                          cant wait, watched the trilogy over the weekend


                          • bawnian-dexeus • 4 years ago



                            • cripple • 4 years ago

                              Sweet, glad to see this is progressing.


                              • jimthar • 4 years ago

                                bout time.


                                • cupid • 4 years ago

                                  Lets get things going.


                                  • gandoff • 4 years ago

                                    Alright. Make this already.


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