Robert Englund Talks About ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Remake Rumors

Hear what Freddy Krueger himself would like to see happen with the prequel.
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Robert Englund Talks About ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Remake Rumors

Robert Englund as Freddy KruegerBloody Disgusting recently caught up with actor Robert Englund to get his take on the truck loads of rumors surrounding the proposed Michael Bay produced A Nightmare On Elm Street remake. Here's the word straight from Freddy Krueger himself...

"It's a remake! It all came about while I was in Italy working on another film, so now I am back in Hollywood trying to play catch up. All I know is that Michael Bay made an announcement that he is producing the remake of the original. I don't know if it has Wes Cravens blessing, I presume it does. With the success of Rob Zombies remake of Halloween and Hills Have Eyes remake, The Texas Chainsaw remakes, I like both the originals and the remakes. But of all the films I think The original Nightmare on Elm Street is certainly the scariest possible of the 20th century. Because the nature of the story and the stylized surrealism, the dreamscape that unfolds, if any of these movies are need of a remake with the use of new technologies it would seem that A Nightmare on Elm Street is one of them. It really does beg for the new technology, if you could think about the original with the benefit of CG it wouldn't be a detriment. I don't think it would hurt it because it's such a great story and strong classical myth. I don't know what that means, is he in overalls because he is a janitor, no more sweater, maybe a tool belt or some sort of creative reinterpretation of the original. There is something sacred about classics, regardless of genre, but there is a time and a place for it, I am certainly not appalled with it. I just hope they have Wes's Blessing and that trust his story. But they could certainly have fun with the dream, sequences and of course re-interpreting Freddy.

I wouldn't mind playing a cameo; it would be interesting to see if I could play the dream psychiatrist, I have heard that there is an interesting script regarding a prequel to the original going around. But lets face it I'm not a kid anymore; I have done a variety of films in many genres. I came out of that makeup after 10 years, and after I did a whole bunch of different films I did Freddy vs. Jason and have been real busy since. I could probably don the makeup, but they would certainly need a stunt double for the action stuff. I'm only good for about one take; then I get kind of sore.

If some one like Michael Bay who did the Transformers wants to get involved, he would certainly have a love and respect for it, and he and Wes could talk about all the hot young directors out there right now. I just worked with a great kid Adam Green on Hatchet, and Scott Glosserman on Behind the Mask. These guys are so talented, it would seem to me that of all the films that are getting tweaked Nightmare would lend it self to the new technology. I'm not surprised with the recent success of the later remakes, that A Nightmare on Elm Street is being remade."

A Nightmare on Elm Street was released November 16th, 1984.

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  • horrorfan300 • 6 years ago

    ryt im a big nightmare fan and robert englund fan but i fink dey shud give sum 1 else a chance of playin freddy sum other scary dude to be the new legend


    • brahms • 7 years ago

      No Robert no Freddy!!!

      Everything is okay with the exception of the one who plays Freddy. For us, the fans - Englund is IRREPLACEABLE! Let him do the role!! He did it wonderfully on Freddy vs. Jason and he is undoubtedly capable of doing it now, despite what he's saying about his "getting older"...

      He looks younger than ever!!


      • vampire2000 • 7 years ago

        This movie should be good, I'd like to see Englund return to the role, but he is getting old, and I do also want to see a Freddy vs. Jason2 where michael shows up!


        • myownrisk • 7 years ago

          I'm all for the original 'Freddy'. But the remake will fine.


          • freddyzchic19 • 7 years ago

            I'm so against this. If you are, please show your support for the real Freddy Krueger by signing the No Nightmare Remake Petition!!



            • annmarie1977 • 8 years ago

              Ok I have no idea what glue some of you people are on, but you can't remake a Nightmare with a new freddy it wouldn't be the same its not like halloween or friday the 13th whre anyone can play the part its a mask in both movies, robert makes freddy and has been for 24 years now and he says his own lines and you can tell who he is changing him would be the worst mistake they ever made and it will be another sh*tty remake let start thinking of new movies and new killiers and ideas let the classics live on. The only ones who might like a new freddy is the younger people who never saw the old freddy movies then to them its a whole new movie,for them.. For me I want even watch it if they do or maybe I will to see them f*ck up another classic movie that I loved!!


              • insertusernamehere • 8 years ago

                Englund's said that he's too old to play the part anyway. I want someone who's gonna actually be able to move without hunching over.


                • err2005 • 8 years ago

                  i disagree.

                  robert englund is too old to play freddy, hes like 60 for crying out loud.

                  then again i dont think they should remake it at all, the original was a groundbreaking masterpiece.


                  • incmob • 8 years ago

                    I agree with all the comments regarding robert englund as freddy... I have been a fan of the original for 24 years now, and could never see someone else being freddy, then again if it was with mr. englund, would that really be considered a remake or just another sequel? either way it is a sad time for us horror fans... heck while we are at it why not just remake alien with someone other than sigorney, or recast another frickin han solo... i know he is getting old, but i still think he held his own in fred vs. jason and believe they should give this opportunity to englund.


                    • insertusernamehere • 8 years ago

                      Who's gonna be Freddy?


                      • cnote • 8 years ago

                        Like all re-makes, I hope they dont find a way to screw up an original classic!


                        • mcleve02 • 8 years ago

                          i wish he would be able to play Freddie!


                          • josedrosa • 8 years ago



                            • the-kwisatz-haderach • 8 years ago

                              Im gonna go with...meh..all the way...meh


                              • sxers2k1 • 8 years ago

                                pretty sure we knew this


                                • marcusx • 8 years ago



                                  • seti73 • 8 years ago

                                    I agree, the first one was so well done with the crap budget they had...the remake needs to be stellar.

                                    By the way, if I am not mistaken, the first movie was the one that really put New Line Cinema on the map. Now look at them.


                                    • btrobinson • 8 years ago

                                      looks interesting. i just hope robert is still gonna play freddy.


                                      • annoyingfilmcritic • 8 years ago

                                        The first Nightmare on Elm Street was/is was original and scary back then, just like the first HellRaiser that is also getting a remake. Bring it on.


                                        • insanekane87 • 8 years ago

                                          I dont understand why to remake such a great movie but if they say its a great script then lets see it!


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