‘RoboCop’ Remake to Be Distributed by Sony Pictures

MGM Studios is producing this remake starring Joel Kinnaman as the half-human half-cyborg police officer.
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RoboCop will be distributed by Sony Pictures Sony Pictures has signed a deal to distribute MGM Studios' RoboCop remake, which recently landed The Killing star Joel Kinnaman as its lead actor.

The story follows Alex J. Murphy (Joel Kinnaman), a Detroit cop who was shot and left for dead in the line of duty. He is turned into the RoboCop, a half-man half-robot crime-fighting machine who is programmed to clean up the mean streets of Detroit. No other cast members have been announced yet, but this project seems to be on the fast track now, after landing Joel Kinnaman, so expect to hear about more roles filling up in the near future.

José Padilha is directing RoboCop from a screenplay by Joshua Zetumer, with Eric Newman and Marc Abraham producing. It isn't known when production will begin on RoboCop.

Sony Pictures will also distribute 21 Jump Street on March 16 and Skyfall on November 9 for MGM Studios.

RoboCop was released February 12th, 2014.


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  • jasonkat • 4 years ago

    and by the way. it better be r-rated, none of this pg13 bullchit, just to sell toys and sell tickets,

    Im crossin my fingers that they dont end up making part2, of this remake with a female lead robocop. direct to dvd,. that would suck ass! the story should be and stay on the main guy., dont bother bringing in other iron men robocops to take on him.


    • jasonkat • 4 years ago

      I dont care what studio makes it, just make it already damnit, lolz.

      to tell you the truth, i dont give a sh*t about studios, , for me thats just a stupid movie logo-opener, no big deal.not like every sony film is a masterpiece anyways, all movie studios have their ups and down. nobody's perfect.

      Now make this movie b4 the end of the world. can you do that?, and by the way.. the clock is ticking, :P jk, take ur time, get it right, so we don end up getting bad reviews on it.


      • Fry-3000 • 4 years ago



        • thehost91 • 4 years ago

          Dead or alive, I will be seeing this movie.


          • Salemwolf711 • 4 years ago

            i have hope for this movie...


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