‘Rock of Ages’ Trailer

The first poster for this Adam Shankman musical starring Tom Cruise as an aging rocker has also arrived.
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  • basquat • 4 years ago

    Are you people on drugs? That looked horrible.


    • m2 • 4 years ago

      @rufio yeah I agree too.


      • gandoff • 4 years ago

        Decent trailer. But with some of the cast, was expecting more a comedic approach to this film. And was hopping for a brief look at Tom actually singing on stage. But over all, the stereotyping of the times was funny.


        • newtron • 4 years ago

          @rufio: My thoughts exactly.


          • moviegeek • 4 years ago

            This trailer gave me a headache when I saw it in theaters lol.


            • moviemaniac66 • 4 years ago

              Looks like a lot of fun. i liked Hairspray so i will probably enjoy this.


              • ghostman • 4 years ago

                Totally seeing this!


                • rufio • 4 years ago

                  not a fan of the stereotypical christian raging lunatic in this (played by Jones). really wish there was someone who didn't go after the minority of Christianity and actually did a fair portrayal. as for the rest... it was ok. not as good as i was expecting, but still decent. love the cast!


                  • Dragon1991 • 4 years ago

                    Russell Brand and Mary J Blige? How random.


                    • 2movieguys • 4 years ago

                      YES!!!! WILD!!! On my "must see" list!!

                      I saw "Rock of Ages" on stage.....can't wait to see how it is brought to the big screen!


                      • kguy • 4 years ago

                        Will hopefully be a musical classic.


                        • combatmadness360 • 4 years ago

                          not as much cruise as I expected. Looks like fun. definitely will be checking this one out.


                          • cripple • 4 years ago

                            Looks pretty good.


                            • felipe-11 • 4 years ago

                              Tom Cruise and Russell Brand? I'm in.


                              • thrashnasty190 • 4 years ago

                                not bad, might see it after all.


                                • supermanvenom • 4 years ago

                                  Don't like the whole musical thing lol, but doesn't look too bad.


                                  • bawnian-dexeus • 4 years ago

                                    Tom Cruise was fun MTV so he should be funny here. This looks to be way better than Hairsrpay. As for Catherine, well, underneath that religious exterior is a fireball waiting to be tamed :P


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