Roland Emmerich to Direct ‘Foundation’ at Columbia

Sony's Columbia Pictures wins the bidding war for the Issac Asimov adaptation.
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It seems that Sony's Columbia Pictures has won a bidding war for a big Issac Asimov property. According to Variety, Columbia has won the rights to adapt Asimov's sci-fi trilogy Foundation to the silver screen.

Roland Emmerich is set to direct the film. The Asimov story, originally created as eight short stories, deals with humans that are all across the galaxy and live under the reign of the Galactic Empire. A historian who can see the future, sees the collapse of this empire and starts working on saving the knowledge of humanity.

The property sparked a serious bidding war, with Warner Bros. bidding for Alex Proyas to direct and Fox bidding for producer Vince Gerardis, who first worked on developing the film.

No production schedule has been announced.


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  • aldo • 7 years ago

    Terrible choice: Foundation is such a complex book... a director like Emmerich will ruin Asimov's legacy!

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    • zanyzap • 7 years ago

      Roland annoys me...


      • darktower19 • 7 years ago

        Stargate? Stargate was a fine movie,sure, but it is no Foundation. Foundation is not a story that uses explosions to further the plot. In my opinion, make it a miniseries if it has to be made at all. Or just don't bother.


        • mikeyv1 • 7 years ago

          i think with some good sit down meetings and a good script and time. roland emmerich can pull this off. sci-fi is his cup of tea. and i dont think he is a hack at all. Stargate is one of the best and orginal sci-fi movies ever.


          • chronic • 7 years ago

            Wow, I've never read 'The Foundation Trilogy' but i've heard of its rep and its praised as one of the greatest sci-fi novels ever written.

            Although i've never been into sci-fi novels i'm more thrillers/Horror and true crime, but i've been interested in reading this, so i'm gonna pick it up soon.

            I agree with Ridley Scott, i think Aronofonsky would or might have made it to experimental like Reqeium, but mind you Reqeium For A Dream was a small independent budget film, this would be quite a big budget.

            I don't know who Alfonso Cuaron is.


            • jonnred • 7 years ago

              F*ck Emmerich They should of got either Ridley Scott,Darren Aronofsky, or Alfonso Cuaron really anybody but the hack Emmerich.


              • darktower19 • 7 years ago

                NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! Not Emmerich! Asimov adaptations are ALWAYS ruined! Not another one! I won't be able to handle it!


                • insertusernamehere • 7 years ago

         of the greatest of all time. If that's correct, then Emmerich probably can't handle something like this.


                  • monkey03 • 7 years ago

                    The Foundation is probably one of the greatest books of all time, it takes a director and a writer with steel in their balls to get this movie done properly.


                    • insertusernamehere • 7 years ago

                      ha WB and Fox just can't get along

                      I really don't know what to think of this. Emmerich isn't a "hack" like some say, but I don't know if he's got the chops to do a big sci-fi trilogy. I guess we'll have to see how "2012" is. I've never heard of "Foundation" before this, but it sounds like a big story. We'll see


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