Ross Patterson to Direct Hellen Keller Vs. Nightwolves!

The director partners with Kickstarter for this upcoming thriller starring Barry Bostwick and Kevin Sorbo.
BYB. Alan Orange | October 18th, 2012
Ross Patterson to Direct Hellen Keller Vs. Nightwolves!

Whether you are a fan of Barry Bostwick or his latest thriller FDR: American Badass!, we have good news for you! Director of that film, Ross Patterson, is moving forward on his next project, gleefully titled Helen Keller Vs. Nightwolves.

Hellen Keller Vs. Nightwolves

Barry Bostwick will be joined in the film by his FDR: American Badass! co-stars Kevin Sorbo and Lin Shaye. No plot details have been revealed, but with a title like Helen Keller Vs. Nightwolves, who needs to know any more?

Ross Patterson has joined with Kickstarter to help fund the project. To learn more: CLICK HERE You can also watch the following video featuring the director and a tallboy of Pabst Blue Ribbon. Delicious!

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