Sam Mendes to Direct ‘Preacher’ Comic Adaptation

The Oscar-winning filmmaker is on board to helm the Vertigo comic property film.
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Preacher A popular comic series is finally moving forward towards the silver screen. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Sam Mendes has signed on to direct an adaptation of the comic book series, Preacher for Columbia Pictures.

The Vertigo comic book was created by Garth Ennis and Steve Dillon and centered on a Texas preacher who has been possessed by the unholy alliance of an angel and a demon, named Genesis. The preacher teams up with an ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire on a quest to find God, who had apparently just up and left his post in heaven.

The comic property had gone through several stages of development with several different production companies - including an hour-long HBO TV series and a film from Kevin Smith's View Askew, with James Marsden attached to star - but none had successfully gotten off the ground.

No writers are attached to the project as of yet, but Mendes will be searching for writers while he preps his Revolutionary Road for a December 26 release.

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  • keyman15 • 7 years ago

    Thank You Jesus! I think Sam will do a good job with it. There is alot of story there so I hope they do like 6 movies instead of 1 movie.


    • dr-manhattan • 7 years ago


      I love Sam Mendes' movies, so I just know he's gonna do justice to this kick ass comic series.



      • elrocho • 7 years ago

        you probably dont own the 9 complete tradepaperback of the greates comic ever ( well for me) . HBO puts out 1hour episode that are the same quality has any movie . A movie adaptation is just gonna chop this like crazy , there a bunch of interesting side story in it . This would of been a really awesome serie , but Ive been waiting for this for years now , at one point the guy that plays cyclops in Xmen was supposed to play preacher and the shooting was supposed to be in calgary , but that dint fell tru . I would rather have a HBO show that would do this complex story justice but i will take a film if thats the only thing they will give me

        just an example instead of creating a serie for Hellblazer that would of done it justice they went and did Constantine , I really enjoyed Constantine but if you compare it to the comics it dint really do it justice


        • taberjohnson18 • 7 years ago

          Thank Christ it isn't being given to Mark Steven Johnson, he wanted to do it as a TV series...f*cker.


          • black-moon • 7 years ago



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