‘Saw’ Franchise to Continue with an 8th Movie

Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns talks about how we'll see ‘Saw’ "in the picture" in the future.
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Saw may be coming back to Lionsgate Although Saw 3D hinted that the franchise was far from over, Lionsgate Vice Chairman Michael Burns recently interviewed with CNBC and revealed that the Saw franchise may indeed be resurrected.

"We have a bunch of franchises, I'm sure some day you'll see Saw back in the picture." the vice chairman said, speaking on the inevitable return of Jigsaw.

Can Lionsgate survive on The Hunger Games , The Expendables and Tyler Perry movies alone? Let's face it. The studio needs Jigsaw.

Saw 3D was released October 29th, 2010.

Saw was released October 29th, 2004.


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